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Feersum Technology is constantly working on new technology and experimental projects. Here be dragons - please keep your safety glasses on at all times.


TowAR Augmented Reality

A novel augmented reality device, currently the subject of patent applications and in prototype form. TowAR eliminates the 'porthole effect' of watching a new world through the tiny window of a mobile app or headset. Interact with the physical world in a shared space, whilst TowAR transforms reality.


Totems are unique identifiers that can be embedded in photos and video to link to original content and further information. Easily created and printed, they work reliably in the background to identify the subject and author of content online. Tag something with a Totem and any photo acts as a link to your details.

With a browser extension to identify Totems in images and even YouTube videos, Totems make it easy to attach information to content regardless of where it is shared.

Cerberus 2080TM

Cerberus 2080 is an educational multi-processor 8-bit computer created by The Byte Attic. Documented in detail to explain electronic design princples from the ground up, The Cerberus Project is a completely self-contained open source hobby computer.

To support this project, Feersum Technology produced The Cerberus Emulator, a browser based development environment featuring a complete editor, assembler, disassembler and emulator. Completely simulating the 65C02 and video circuitry of Cerberus, and written from scratch, the Cerberus Emulator allows software to be developed, tested and downloaded to the real hardware from the comfort of a modern web browser.

UAV Toolbox

UAV Toolbox is a complete drone data management platform for the Yuneec 'H Series' of UAVs. Including flight planning, map management, media review, weather and logging tools, UAV Toolbox runs on the Yuneec ST-16 controller and synchronises flight information to the browser.

Providing sophisticated tools for synchronising flight recordings and media, UAV Toolbox enables pilots to easily share and review their missions.

Endjinn Interactive Stories

Endjinn is an experiment in designing a language to support interactive story telling. Whether writing an article or constructing an adventure game, Endjinn allows an author to have a dialogue with the reader, responding to their input to create a narrative.

The Endjinn scripting language is designed to put content front and center, using a Wiki-like syntax to focus on writing structured text. However, first class object-oriented programming techniques are fully supported so that the reader's actions can drive the story. This allows topics to be explored in novel ways, and new stories to be told.

Want to get involved? Send an email to involve -at- feertech.com! If you have experience in computer vision, native mobile app development, FPGA design, industrial design, marketing or technical innovation and would like to build some exciting products, we should talk. No recruitment agencies please.

Previous Projects

Some projects aren't dead, they're just resting.

Feersum UK TV Guide

Feersum UK TV Guide

Available through the Play Store and compatible with most Android devices, for over eight years the Feersum UK TV Guide provided full UK broadcast schedules with a responsive and natural interface. Designed from the start to work equally with tablets and smaller screens, the guide received consistently high reviews, nearly 100,000 downloads and enjoyed a loyal following.


WebDibbler was a static website builder. It featured a template and scripting language that worked with normal HTML files, giving the power of everything from server side includes to wiki markup - without needing to install any server software. A simple Java utiltiy, it was designed to be integrated with build systems to automate the production of sites from developer content.


F1DE was an experiment in cloud-based microprocessor development tool. A browser based front end allowed projects to be developed based on a virtual processor, the DCPU. Server side tools managed the project, providing a fully featured macro assembler, simulator and debug components. HTML 5 elements rendered a simluated video display in real time over the network.