About Legion CPU

Legion is a designed from scratch, home built CPU using discrete TTL Logic. It's a personal project (meaning: no deadlines, no promises) to learn about computer design. The end goal is to produce a working 'home computer' with a CPU, video output, keyboard and joystick input.

Hires GPU

GPU Emulator

Legion is planned to have a simple GPU that is enough to output up to 640x480 VGA graphics, and provide a few basic effects. By having a programmable display controller, some of the weight is lifted off the shoulders of the CPU.

To test the theory, I've written a GPU emulator that executes GPU display lists. You can play with it here.

Image Utils

Image Utils

In-browser javascript utils to view and manipulate images using a variety of 'retro' palettes.

Edit colours, adjust dithering and get a few stats out. Download images as 8, 4 and 1 bit per pixel raw data.

Latest Updates

Progress, documentation and irregular news

Project Gallery

Diagrams, circuits, occasional cats and dogs..